We offer you a unique product for the preparation of drinking dissymmetrical water with exceptional dynamic properties and structural characteristics – DISSA applicator, produced in the Czech Republic.

Why has the structure of water to be changed?
Why the water we drink is bad?
What causes disease and ageing?
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Our product is an exclusive invention, which is based on the research of the Doctor of Medicine, Professor Mikhail V. Kutushov.

DISSA Applicator is a dissymmetrizator of potable water. It is produced in three types – with dissymmetry coefficients of 36 DISS for the elderly, 72 DISS for middle-aged people and 144 DISS for young people.

With the help of our DISSA applicator everybody will be able to make its own, high-quality potable water from natural sources water, bottled water, or tap filtered water.

Regular intake of dissymmetrical water:

1. facilitates to restore metabolism and all physiological functions of the organism,
2. facilitates normalization of fluid and electrolyte balance, metabolic processes, biochemical reactions rate,
3. facilitates body activizaton to combat various viruses and diseases (chronic and acute inflammatory diseases, autoimmune, allergic, oncological diseases, mental disorders).
4. facilitates rapid restoration and preservation of health, longevity and rejuvenation of the body,
5. facilitates body cleanse and regeneration,
6. facilitates immunity improvement and the burst of vitality,
7. facilitates harmonization of human bioenergy,
8. facilitates normalization of body weight.

Studies have shown that all potable water in the modern world has a very low coefficient of dissymmetry (DC) equal only to 2-3 DISS, and this is practically “dead” water. Only water from natural sources (spring water, well water) has DC equal to 8-16 DISS.

After reviewing the information on this website you will understand why an individual needs to drink “living” water with DC equal to at least 36 DISS!